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Cleveland Spine Institute @ 7215 Old Oak Boulevard Building A, Suite A421, Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44140 USA (440) 816.2225 or (440) 816.BACK - We Do NOT Charge Facility Fees!

We are Putting the Care 'Back' - Into HealthCare!
We Specialize In Taking Care Of You!

The Cleveland Spine Institute offers comprehensive operative and non-operative management of spinal diseases and disorders of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines. We treat disc herniations, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis and other spinal deformities, fractures, infections, disc degeneration and arthritis. We also offer expertise in revision spinal surgery. Our philosophy is that we work for the patient, so we take care of one patient - one at a time! We will sit down with you and walk you through everything in detail, so you can understand in 'Plain English' what you're facing. Except for unique conditions, where operative therapy is still the standard of care as first-line treatment, nonoperative treatment pathways will always be explored along with other treatment pathways.

The biggest cause of disability in the working population is attributed to spinal disorders.     Back pain is among the most common reason for a physician visit – in fact, approximately 80% of Americans will suffer from this condition at some point during their lives.     Recent studies show that the total financial cost of pain to society, which combines the health care cost estimates and the three productivity estimates, ranges from $560 to $635 billion.     Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on back pain.

Get A Second Opinion -
We Recommend It!

"If you're considering any care, especially surgical care, you should always consider getting a second opinion. "We Recommend it to all of our Patients - 'It's Good Medicine'".

Everybody deserves 'The Best'. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions and be informed about what's going on with your spine health. Learn as much as you can about your Spine Health issues and then educate yourself on the best lines of treatment available. "The Best Way To Do That Is By Getting Second Opinions !" - You Owe It To Yourself ! Care needs to be individualized and tailored to each patients unique conditions and needs. 
Nothing is more important than you getting 'The Best Care' possible.

Jerold P. Gurley, MD, FACS

Board Certified

Orthopaedic    Surgery

Fellowship Trained

Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery Fellowships:

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Adult Spine Surgery

The Twin Cities
Spine Center

Adult & Pediatric Spine Surgery

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A Center of 'Excellence' -
In Spine Health & Wellness

We are Putting the Care 'Back' - Into HealthCare!

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440 816-2225 / 440 816-BACK

Cleveland Spine Institute
7215 Old Oak Boulevard
Building A, Suite A421
Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44140 USA
(440) 816.BACK / (440) 816.2225

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